Maya 2016.5 ACES OCIO crash

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to use the Default OCIO ACES 1.0.3 config (from ACES git) inside of Maya 2016.5.
The viewer transforms work fine, but whenever I try to load a texture file, Maya crashes.

Also, normaly when we use our own OCIO, in the Maya Colormanagement preferences, the Input Transforms are visible. But with the ACES OCIO, Input Transforms don’t even show up.
When Maya crashes, I can see briefly see an error in the script editor that the input roles are missing. In the Terminal there’s also an error mentioning something like this.

I tried other OCIO configs as a sanity check. Like SPI-anim and VFX.
These all work as expected.

Which leads me to believe there’s an error somewhere in the Default Config.

Anybody else experienced this?

B.t.w. This happens on Maya 2016.5 ext 2 sp2.
We are on Centos 7.2, but it also happens on OSX.
Maya 2017 doesn’t have the crashes, but switching to 2017 is not an option a.t.m.


David van Heeswijk
Storm Post Amsterdam

Ok, there are multiple versions floating around the internet it seems.
The official one from The ACES Ampas git works. But the one from the Opencolor git crashes Maya.
Hence, I got it working. It turns out I was using the one from Opencolor.

However, now that it works, we see a substantial drop in FPS when using Maya when using sRGB d60sim.
If we switch to Raw Preview display performance is what it should be.
Looking in the OCIO at the sRGB colorspace, it runs through 2 1d transforms and 2 3d ones.
If that happens on the GPU I’m not suprised it destroys performance…

Anybody else experienced this?

My understanding is that all the OpenColorIO transformations are concatenated into a single 3D LUT on the GPU path, now the thing is that Maya runs its own colour management, SynColor, who knows what is happening there, @doug_walker should be able to comment on that.

This leads me to the following we had a lot of crashes related to our OCIO config on Maya 2016.5 that were entirely resolved by moving to 2017.