Maya and Pixars Renderman workflow

Hello. I’m using Maya’s RRT v1 with sRGB monitor. And I’m Rendering with Renderman. Renderman has two options for ODT if I’m not mistaken sRGB and rec709 which one could be the right choice? And is the RRT v1 is better choice than Ocio config?

Hello Alireza, welcome to the ACES community.
I have written an article that may interest you on this topic :

To answer your questions : RRT v1 is a CTL implementation of ACES in Maya. It may give you more accurate results than OCIO in extreme saturation and values. I show some examples of this on my website. If your monitor is sRGB, you should go with the ODT : sRGB (ACES). But I know for a fact that some studios/artists use Rec.709 (ACES) on sRGB monitors to get a softer look.

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Hello chris. Thank you. I am really happy and excited to be here. I cannot wait to Render my first image in ACES. I have read the article that’s awsome. You said in your article the beautiful colors on lego batman due to using ACES and displaying in DCI-p3. But my monitor is sRGB then this is difficult for me to read the colors accurately. But i have an ipad pro that supports p3 wide gamut, do you think i can use it for reading colors? And with this situation do you think using odt rec709 aces is better than RRT for me? And one more question, in maya there is a aces to hdr rec 709 ctf in syncolor folder, As you know we can add this as display transform. Is this possible to use that as ODT? Sorry too many questions in my head. Thank you again

Hi Alireza,

Yes, you may use those transforms via the “+Add new” menu option in the View Transform menu in Maya’s color management preferences panel. If you’re looking for the one that matches the ACES Rec.709 Output Transform, the file name is transforms/RRT+ODT/ACES_to_HD-video_1.0.ctf. In the Add New dialog box, set the Source Color Space to ACES2065-1.


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Hello Doug walker. Thank you so much i will give it a try, and compare it with ocio config. I think ocio config 1.1 does a pretty good job but i like to experience both.

Hello again, here is my tuppence :

Yes, Lego has a very saturated look and I do believe ACES and P3 monitors were helpful to achieve this beautiful result. P3 is a gamut used for movie theaters. You may need it or not. I work on a sRGB monitor at home.

Well most studios use OCIO if I recall correctly. Once again it depends on your workflow and your project. Both options are possible. In which software do you grade your renders ? Nuke ? Resolve ? Nuke works with OCIO and Resolve with CTL.

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Hello again.thank you for replying my posts. Actually i use both of them. Sometimes nuke and sometimes Disolve. So i know about my personal renders. But what about animation festivals? Then i should use p3 digital cinema right?

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share here that i found a tutorial from meshmen studio for setting up Aces(ocio config) for Renderman for maya in windows system. And it is through Environment variable. We should set up a enviroment variable and the Renderman reads all the configs Automatically. Here is the link for youtube. I just wanted to share this here with everyone who uses or might use Renderman in the future. Thanks again. Sorry for too many Questions.

Thanks for the link ! it will be useful to many people for sure !

You should see directly with them the requirements for delivery I reckon.

Good luck !