Maya Arnold Skydome HDRI set to Utility - linear - sRGB why

In Maya Arnold it’s common practice to set an hdri map to utility - linear - srgb.
If my hdri map was ‘not’ being used to show up in the viewport or final render does that still hold true for the setting ?
i.e I want to use the hdri map purely for lighting purposes. should I be using the raw setting instead.
I thought the sRGB part was for any image showing up on and srgb screen.

Thanks for the clarification.

The purpose of setting it to utility - linear - srgb is the assumption that the HDRI was made in sRGB/Rec.709 primaries rather than ACEScg primaries. So it is converting it from linear sRGB/Rec.709 into the working ACEScg color space. That means that, for instance, sky will appear as sky-blue, rather than sky appearing as over-saturated turquoise.

You definitely still want to read that HDRI map in with utility - linear - srgb even if you are only using it for lighting purposes so that the reflections from it are the right colors (for example the reflection of the sky).

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go it .
Thanks for the clarification.