Maya color management default settings and ACES

Good day,
I am currently working! on the aces configuration for my studio.
I was wondering if in the OCIO config I can specify the input file colors pace in any way. By default it is setting it up to ACES2065-1 while for convenience, I would like to set it to ACEScg.

Thank you for your help.

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I reckon the best approach would be to have you image rule set to RAW and above, in the Color Transform Preferences, set your Rendering Space to ACEScg.

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Jonas is correct that you’d want to set it to Utility-raw rather than to ACEScg. ACEScg is the linear working/rendering space. For your input textures that are not color (bump, normal, displacement, masks…) you want to use Utility-raw as their input color space which means you are essentially leaving them alone.

The way to get that to default in Maya is you make that color space definition at the top of all the color spaces in your OCIO config. Maya uses the top one as it’s default, and appears to ignore what is set as “default” in the rolls.