Maya vRay ACES to Photoshop Adobe RGB 1998

I need the above workflow, I have it working ending in sRGB but I need the output to be Adobe RGB (1998)

I’m using the OpenColorIO plugin in Photoshop and the guide here

There isn’t an “Output - Adobe RGB”

I tried to use “Utility - Linear - Adobe RGB” and then use a gamma correction but it looks different.

What does “Output - sRGB” do exactly, it seems to get brighter but it seems to do more that just apply a 2.2 Gamma correction, almost like it goes log

All ACES Output transforms are more complex than simply a transform to the display space with a transfer function. They include s-shaped tone-mapping which expands the mid-tone contrast and compresses the highlights and shadows. The intent of this is to create a perceptual match between the scene in front of a camera (which may have bright highlights above 1.0 in relative linear exposure) and a display with a limited dynamic range which will be viewed in a different environment to the original scene.

Since there is no official Adobe RGB Output Transform, you would have to create one and add it to your OCIO config. Or use an Output Transform for a wide gamut SDR display space such as BT.2020, followed by a transform from that to Adobe RGB (1998).

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