Meeting - CLF Spec Revision VWG - 06/25/19 9am PDT

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After wrapping up the Spec / Code Review VWG with a list of changes required in an updated version of CLF, it is time to begin the drafting phase of the revised specification. This group will morph into the CLF Spec Revision VWG and will continue to be lead by working group Chairman JD Vandenberg. The focus will be on writing an updated specification to be included in ACES v1.2.

The CLF Workspace remains the place to find all content related to the project. It will continue to be updated in the coming days - including the “draft-in-progress” of the updated specification.

As the revision progresses, there will be specific implementation details for the group to work out and agree on (many of which were deferred to this group during the review process). We will call on the group’s input to resolve these remaining details and ask that you periodically review the draft as it progresses.

The first meeting of the CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group , is slated for
Tuesday, June 25th, 2019
9am - 10:00am PDT (Los Angeles time / UTC-07:00)

An agenda and call-in information will be announced ahead of the meeting. This first meeting will strive for brevity as we mostly level set and establish how the work will proceed.


NOTE: For this phase, we are going to preschedule bi-weekly meetings in order to keep momentum and allow for those who want to participate to better anticipate when meetings will be happening. The plan is for a maximum of four meetings, which means the group will be done in approximately 8 weeks.

Planned dates for future meetings:

  • Meeting #2: July 9th, 9am PDT
  • Meeting #3: July 23rd, 9am PDT
    (skipping a week due to SIGGRAPH…)
  • Meeting #4: August 13th, 9am PDT

Here is the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting: Agenda CLF VWG 06-25-19.pdf (62.4 KB)

This will be a level-setting meeting and we will be looking for volunteers to take on some of the specific work items. Hope to see you on the call!

As always, current documents and meeting details are on the CLF Workspace

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For those that missed last week’s meeting, we introduced the goals of the new group and made the following points:

  • This is first and foremost an action group, not a discussion group. Obviously, discussion is required, but we must focus on getting the requirements down on paper and producing a new draft specification.
  • To achieve that, we’re going to need to rely on work being done outside of meetings.
  • To make it manageable, we want small discussions around the specific new nodes.
  • Drafting updates will be on-going and changes will be visible. More on this at our next check-in meeting next week.
  • The meetings are primarily to serve as progress check-ins and to be a forum to resolve questions of the group at large that can’t be answered by the smaller work groups.
  • As such, the bi-weekly meetings are intended to be brief.
  • We have an aggressive timeline laid out, so do not wait to weigh in! The sooner the better!
  • For now, most discussion, decisions and work should be done on dedicated threads here in the CLF sub-category of ACES Central. We want openness and a log of where decisions came from. Requests for some other collaborative tools were mentioned and will be considered, but for now, please log major thoughts on the appropriate threads in this group.

Our next check-in will be next Tuesday, July 9th at 9am PDT.

Also, the meeting recording is available here CLF Meeting #1