Meeting Notes - July 29, 2021

Hi all,

Apologies, we didn’t get a meeting announcement out for last week, whoopsies! We did still meet with a small group, here is the recap and recording:

  • Proposed cancelling GC meetings for the month of August to give us time to write the guides, as well as not conflict with Open Source Days, SIGGRAPH, etc.
  • Talked about @nick’s proposed test image (google colab to generate the image here)
  • Proposing this technical image, as well as a few “natural” scenes for visual comparison
  • @mario : image makes sense, takes away the guess work
  • @mario Tried to implement in OCIO via 3d LUT, was having issues in the highlights due to the shaper, might need a different test image for LUT based workflows
  • @matthias.scharfenber’s example covers to ACEScct max (226)
  • Issues trying to shoehorn gamut compress workflows into OCIO v1