Minor typo in CLF spec on pg 25

As discussed during the CLF VWG meeting today, there is a minor typo on page 25 of the spec. In example 11, the value of the exponent attribute is “1/0.45”. However, attributes like this must be numeric constants, they may not be expressions. So the value needs to be evaluated and the final value inserted.

This example is for the Rec.709 EOTF and 1/0.45 is a repeating decimal 2.222… so it is a judgement call about how many digits to use. I’ll propose that we go with the fewest number of digits necessary to equal 1/0.45 using double precision floating-point numbers, and therefore the string constant should be “2.2222222222222222”.

Scott volunteered to update the spec shortly to fix that typo and update the date shown on page 1. Thanks Scott! Once the change is made in GitHub the PDFs served by the website will update accordingly.


Thanks for suggesting the value to use.

I have updated the document to make the correction.