Modifing config.ocio for use in Houdini RStexture node

Hello everyone!

I am trying to reduce the number of colorspaces visible in the RStexture node - (img1) .

Editing the ocio.config and removing the colorspaces crashes OCIO - (img2) .It’s as fi I deleted the file and OCIO doesn’t get initialized in Houdini.

Please note that I edited the “displays” and “active_displays” lists -(img3) and these worked as intended i.e. the entries removed from here don’t show in Houdini render colorspaces.

Sorry in advance if this is an easy fix , I do not have to much experience with Python / coding.


Hi welcome,

In your roles section you are still defining ACEScc here and there. It may return an error because of this.
I’m not fully sure if it’s proper/possible to remove ACES 2065-1 because that’s the reference color space.
Perhaps you can also see in the logs somewhere which line of code makes the config invalid. I know this works in Blender and After Effects when they load.

Do you need all the camera spaces or are you just using it for CG? If your software already supports OCIOv2 perhaps using the ACES 1.3 OCIO 2.0/2.1 CG config is more practical for you?

Rather than deleting the color spaces which can break the config, try adding them to the inactive color spaces list. They will then not show up in the drop-down.


just use the redshift`s own config. houdini 19/19.5 supports ocio v2…
(or you could use the labs minimal aces config)

but if you want to dig inside a config, then you have to be care of the identations…thats a common issue when modifying configs…and leads in errors on load.
(also there might be deleted colorspaces that are used further down the config-file…)