Modifying IDT Gamut / Slog2 IDT choices

I’m not really knowledgeable enough to know even if this is possible, but I figured I’d ask away and get educated.

My situation is that I’m shooting in Slog2, and I would like to also use sgamut3.cine. Now, obviously there isn’t a manufacturer-supplied IDT to cover that scenario. Is this something I can mess with, like I would have used LUTcalc to do with a LUT?

Speaking of Sony’s IDTs, I have a few choices and it’s confusing me.

For Slog2, what good will a daylight vs tungsten version of the transform do me if I’m manually white balancing in-camera? Should I just be using the daylight option in that case? There are also 10i and 12i versions; what is the difference here?

I’m sorry if these are really basic questions, but I will feel a lot better about which choices I make in-camera if I can finally get my color where I feel like I have a handle on it.