New ACES Implementation Working Groups

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ACES Community,

Today we are announcing the formation of two new working groups focused on implementation of the soon to be finished CLF and AMF ACES components, which will form the basis of the ACES v1.2 release. The CLF implementation working group will be chaired by Doug Walker of Autodesk and the AMF implementation working group by Dan Tatut of Marquise Technologies.

As you know, we’ve been working hard at revising the Common LUT Format and ACES Metadata File (formerly ACESClip) specifications. The goal has been to revise the specs based on feedback received since the ACES 1.0 release. As that work is now wrapping up, we are moving to a new phase with both of the specifications.

The goal of these new groups is to help create tools and tests to assist those implementing these new specifications in hardware and software. The exact goals and deliverables are detailed in the working group proposal forms attached.

We will be announcing the exact schedule for these working groups soon but in the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about what you feel would be most helpful for those implementing CLF and AMF.

These new groups, as with all the recent groups will be conducted virtually using GoToMeeting for meetings, ACESCentral for discussions between meetings and the ACES Workspaces for exchanging documents, code, etc.

ACES_CLF_Working_Group_Proposal_Approved.pdf (45.9 KB)

ACES_AMF_Implementation_VWG_Proposal_Approved.pdf (41.1 KB)

Thank you

ACES Leadership


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