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ACES Community,

Today we are announcing the formation of a new working group to focus on ACEScc and ACEScct encodings. This working group will establish a new “ACESlog” encoding, intended to supersede ACEScc and ACEScct. The working group will consider encoding dynamic range, quantization, round-trip color errors when quantizing to various bit depths, and grading behavior when using as a color corrector working space.

This group’s first meeting with be Wednesday Nov. 8th, 2023 at 11:30AM PST with additional meetings to follow.

This new group will be conducted virtually using Zoom for meetings, ACESCentral for discussions between meetings and the ACES Workspaces for exchanging documents, code, etc.

Here is a calendar item so you can add this specific meeting to your calendar:
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To subscribe to a calendar with this meeting and all future meetings for this working group, right click and copy/paste this URL into your preferred calendar app’s “new subscription calendar” option. This is the recommended way to be sure meetings for this group populate on your calendar.

Thank you
ACES Leadership

Working group proposal :
Wokring_Group_Proposal_ACESlog.pdf (52.9 KB)

ACESlog Working Group home : Working Group Home

Hi @lcrawford. It seems that the calendar might not be working. Could you please post another one? Thank you!

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