New to ACES - Looking for help?

I’m new to ACES, though have heard it mentioned, and I’m keen to understand the workflow from scratch to screen? I’m currently editing a docu being shot on an FS7mII using S-Gamut3.Cine/SLog3, and wondered if perhaps I should be considering altering the shooting spec to accommodate ACES? The edit system I’m using is Premiere CC/Adobe Suite on a high-spec HPZ840: Win10 Pro, dual processor 8-core 2.4GHz, 64GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro M6000 running x4 displays.

We’re also rolling up to our first of a few feature/series productions. I’d be keen to explore what the possibilities and benefits of shooting an ACES workflow would be - is there anyone in the UK I could connect with who could offer any advice and mentoring?

Many thanks,

Mike Wood
Itasca Films