No Davinci Resolve Section?

Why is there no Davinci Resolve section in the partner forums?

Because Blackmagic is no product partner.

They are “contributor”.

I think the Academy is inspecting your ACES implementation if you want to be a product partner and see if your implementation is really good. And I personally would say that the implementation in Resolve is (at this moment in time of version 12.5) not really good :slight_smile: But that may change.

Still I am using ACES in Resolve. But it’s a bit harder than it should or could be. And things like “Davinci ACES” are probably a no-no.


I see… I guess we’ll see in the long run!

Oh I have the same problem as well, I work with resolve!

DaVinci ACES is Blackmagic Design’s own interpretation of ACES. It has been called by some a hacked version of ACES, away from the standard. I agree with that. Why hack the effort of the Academic in the creation of a common language, a standard?
However, it would be a benefit to read a detail explanation from the users claiming here that ACES, the standard version in any of its versions, (ACEScc or ACEScct) from 1.0 to 1.0.2 (.3) in Davinci Resolve is a bit hard to use.
It would be valuable if this discussion could be accompanied with facts showing the benefit of using ACES standard in other applications than in Davinci Resolve and explaining those differences.
I would call that a contribution.

I would say it is not hard or confusing in Resolve. Complicated bit is to know if you are doing it right. When you get past that it should be smooth sailing. Sure tech side could be more detailed and deeper support on all ACES options but lets wait and see maybe V14 that soon will be announced has some options we just do not know.

Im confused. Does this mean there is not a true ACES pipeline in Resolve? Im new to ACES and am trying to incorporate it into my workflow. Resolve is my primary CC tool.

What do you consider “true”. I would use ACEScc or ACEScct. Both work and feel more true than BM own implementation of ACES.

I hope after V14 is finally released BM will start working on color side more ACES in mind. I have mentioned this to Peter Chamberlain at BM. Hope this goes forward. I see they have hands full now releasing v14.

What software do you use, personally; if you don’t mind I ask?

I work in Resolve for now but there is possibility for Nucoda and Baselight in future.

Hmm. Gonna look into those options as well.

No.It is not that DaVinci don’t have a true ACES in it. Its that DaVinci ACES is an interpretation of the ACES space from BM, but the others specifications and implementations of ACES as ACEScc or ACEScct came from ACES’s open source integrations. So these two specifications are “true” ACES implementations inside DaVinci.

Still i feel some days comparing with other platforms that Resolve behavior in some cases feel different.
Lets see how Resolve 15 feesl after it is out of beta. (i’m playing with it now)