Notice of Meeting - ACES Architecture Technical Advisory Council (TAC) - November 17, 2021

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021
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Below is the agenda for the Architecture TAC meeting.


  • Output Transforms Working Group progress review
    • Review of requirements
  • Discussion


I could not attend the whole meeting but I would like to react to the final comments about “forcing” people to participate and help the Output Transform VWG.

This group has been going on for almost a year and 30 meetings. This is quite a long commitment. Since day 1, I have tried to provide examples, CG renders and even plots on chromaticity diagram to the group. I even asked on a bunch of Discord servers some CG artists to share their exr files. When the idea of testing B&W images was discussed, I was the first one to convert all my images…

At some point, I felt like we were running in circles and as someone said in one of the meetings in September : we have made no progress. And so there was this idea that was proposed very early on, like in the first meeting about a flexible architexture, an über framework… that got discussed a bit, then forgotten, then brought back to the table, discussed a bit more, supported by most of the people of the VWG I’d say (or at least the CG/VFX people) and then disappeared again… ?

And there is like this weird situtation where ACES is an open project, but not really. Like the users have their word to say but not really. And this is where I kinda gave up. I was honestly asking myself what was the point of going to the meetings at some point.

I mean, if you want people to come, share ideas and prototype things, maybe listen to them ? Only this way people will be willing to participate and commit their time and energy to this project.

Finally, I do remember that I asked on Slack even before the VWG began if we should start from scratch and discuss the fundamental mechanics of what it means to map brightness to the display. And I honestly feel this has never been really addressed because even if ACES 2.0 is a major release, we should not change things too much for a hypothetical userbase somewhere on the planet…

I really hope this group will achieve something beautiful that many CG artists can use but I also feel I needed to share this feedback openly to the ACES community.

Kind regards,


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