NTSC, PAL standard definition

What is the color space of NTSC and PAL SD?

Is there an IDT for these kind of footage?

Hi @Alexis,

PAL SD and NTSC are Analog Television RGB colourspaces, you can find their characteristics in ITU-R BT.470-6, those are essentially Output Device colourspaces thus you will not find IDTs (Input Device Transform) for them.



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There is a little more work needed for getting images in from older video formats.
The age of the video can matter even if they are all the same ‘format’. Like today,
you might want to know what camera generated the files and whether it was Rec.601.
On the output side, studios used SMPTE 240M for a long time in making the masters.
So the answer is kind of … it depends. The original NTSC color primaries are not a good
guide because most reference monitors could not reproduce them (damm phosphors).
Sometimes the only thing you can do is try several plausible conversions and see which
one looks best.

you can start with NTSC color (https://www.noteloop.com/kit/display/color-space/ntsc-1953/)
and see where that leads. You will probably want to boost contrast some by about x 2.4/2.2.
To get a sharp image, you will also need some spatial processing above and beyond just deinterlacing.
The whole process can be an ‘Art’.

Good luck.


Than you very much from your answers it had been pretty useful, I´ll give a try and tell you how it goes!