Nuke ACES convert to Nuke Default

Hi, I’m a nuke compositor. There’s some problem I can’t handle it.
I’ve done an Advertising with Nuke default, but some clips was finished with ACES.
My client wants me to make all clips export from Nuke default to Alexa V3LogC.
So I have to export ACES files to Nuke default and switch to Alexa V3LogC.
I’ve try ACES export by output-srgb, it’s kinda good but all highlight parts became clamp, that’s the problem.
Also I tried to not switch colorspace , only use ACESg export to Nuke default and add ColorLookup、Color Matrix.
This is the most likely way to finish my job but I’m wondering there’s some better way to solve this issue. Thanks!

What was the color space and file format of the clips you received from the client? As a rule you want to return footage in the same color space and format it was received in only changing the pixels with your VFX on it.

Nuke default working space is linear sRGB/Rec709 and ACES working space in Nuke is ACEScg so these would be what you need to convert between not an output display transform.