Nuke ACES2065-1 vs ACEScg Different

Trying things out in current Nuke & hitting a “bump”.

I’ve got ACES via OCIO sorted I think, and I’m testing using Marcie (DigitalLAD.2048x1556.exr & .dpx)

When I read both in, they’re “close”, but not matching, with the ACES2065-1 file being paler & cooler, while the Log DPX is looking nice & warm.

Further, took the ACES file into Resolve and generated an ACES2065-1 (just to test the pass-thru), ACEScg, ADX16 & Rec709 from it. Brought them all back into Resolve and 100% once properly tagged. Brought the lot into Baselight, also 100%. Brought them into Nuke, got the same issue., ie. 2065-1 is coolish, but the rest look like our lovely Marcie.

Any thoughts? Am I missing a trick?

Are you sure that the ACES2065-1 EXR is being correctly treated as AP0? Nuke defaults to assuming EXRs are ACEScg when using an ACES OCIO config, which will result in a desaturated image.

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So, I need to force it to use the 2065-1 IDT?
I’ll double check in the AM.

Thanks again, Nick.

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That worked the charm! Thanks. So, Nuke has 2 “defaults”. Great.

That’s an excellent chart image with the CV values. Is it publicly available?

It’s a FilmLight test chart, and gets installed in /Library/Application Support/FilmLight/Nuke12/Baselight/setups/footage/ when you install Baselight for Nuke.