Nuke Multi-channel compositing with ACEScg

Hi, We just implemented ACES in our CG pipeline and it is great !

But i have a problem when i comp my multi-channel EXR with nuke (OCIO 1.0.3).
Basicaly when I set my working space to ACEScg I recreate my beauty by merging all my splited AOVs.
But when I set my working space to Output-srgb I get an overbright result.

I need to create a white background in nuke for my cg render. In ACEScg workspace the white point is too high that it produces aliazing problems when i put my cg render over-it. That’s why it is more suitable for me to work in sRGB workspace.

Any idea about how can i recreate my beauty from splitted AOVs in sRGB working space ?