Nuke to Resolve color difference

Hello all,
I am currently working on a TV show and where everything is shot with Arri Alexa and delivered to us as nongraded DNXhr .mov files.
In Nuke when we set up the color management as ACES 1.1 and set the footage input colorspace as "Input-Arri-Curve-V3 LogC (EI800) and write out .exr files with the same colorspace, everything seems identical.
But when viewed in Resolve .mov footage and .exr sequence seems to have a slight difference in gamma.

What am I doing wrong?
Have you ever encountered anything similar?

All the best

Without much experience with DNx files, I can’t be certain, but my gut instinct tells me this is related to the way Resolve handles data/video levels when decoding DNxHR. Or it could an issue with how you converted in Nuke related to full/legal. (It’s almost always full/legal issues, isn’t it? :pensive: )

Tough to troubleshoot without more information or knowing your exact project settings, but I recommend double checking that the proper conversions are being done wherever possible to control them. Perhaps someone else might have more exact recommendations.

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Hello Scott,
Thank you for your feedback. Upon some painful tweaking we found out that the issue was indeed because of the decoder settings in the read node of the .mov files.
Namely the pixel format had to be at RGBA 16 bit.

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