Nuke12 gammut compression and ACES 1.3

Hello, We are on a project where the editorial client is on ACES 1.3, but our vfx vendor pipeline is based around nuke 12 and so we are not yet on ACES 1.3.

In resolve we can match the clients refs by switching on gamut compression in ACES 1.3 . But I have no idea how to implement this in Nuke. I’ve tried jedyPods gamutCompress node immediately after the IDT in AP0 and AP1 with AWG settings (that match ACES 1.3 values), but it’s doing very little.

Any ideas how to apply gamut compression in Nuke 12 / ACES 1.2 please?


The reference implementations for various apps, including Nuke are here.

The parameterisation of @jedsmith’s version is slightly different, so just using the same numerical values won’t produce the same result.

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Thanks Nick! - that’s a match. Another question please, how to deploy this within OCIO please?
Or is that not possible, as I can only have this as part of the delivery node stack. That then means that internally we don’t have the an ODT with this compression - not a dealbreaker - but it would be nice.

Because OCIOv1 is LUT based, it is not possible to use it to apply the RGC, I’m afraid. It needs to be in a node.

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I’ve added the gamut_compression node as a IP ‘VIEWER_INPUT’ node in nuke so it’s evaluated before the ocio viewer. Thats that’s an acceptable workaround for now. Thanks for your assistance, Nick.

VIEWER_INPUT nodes are very handy. I’ve been surprised how many people are not aware of them.