OCIO 2.0 Looks in Nuke (fixed)

Anyone has a pointer in whats the best way to setup a OCIO Look as a viewtransform in Nuke?

from the looks example in the OCIO Docs which hasnt been updated to ocio 2.0…
I need to move to ocio 2.0 because redshift does not support v1

Looks Example
This does not work in ocio 2.0
Whats the correct way to get a view transform to have a applied look? Do I have to create a new colorspace with a !LookTransform ?


There seems to be the missing piece , you have to say “look” and not “looks” and then add a + in front of the look name which is different from the the docs this works for example for the blender 4.0 AgX config to add the agx punchy look to a viewer… ::

- !<View> {name: AgXPunchy, colorspace: Base sRGB, look: +AgX - Punchy}

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