Ocio config performance

Hello. Using open ocio config(any version) makes my texturing workflow laggy in Maya. Is it normal?
Ps: i am using ssd drive and even reducing maya texture preview quality cannot fix it.


would it be possible to have more details on this :

  • Could you describe your texturing workflow ?
  • Which render engine are you using ?
  • I haven’t noticed any lagging issue with Maya/Arnold and Guerilla Render.

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Hello chris. I am using Renderman for maya. When i use maya’s Aces cg with RRT its ok but when i load open ocio config, the attribute editor and hypershade windows start lagging. It’s kind of weird.

I have never seen this type of behavior. This is weird indeed.
I would suggest to create a ticket on Autodesk’s side.
I would not be able to help you on this one.
Sorry, Chris

My understanding is that you have GPU accelerated stuff with Maya’s ACES process vs CPU with OCIO. Maybe it has changed, would be worth asking the ADSK guys, @doug_walker maybe?

Thank you so much for replying my question Chris.

Hello Cedric. Oh i see. Yes maybe it is because of GPU accelerating. I will check that out. And i will ask about it. If i can fix it, i will let you know. Thanks

There’s a quick and dirty fix, just preprocess everything :slight_smile:

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Oh. Why not? This is a good way to fix it. :wink:

from my expirience, if you are on windows and use an ocio environment variable, things slow down (i.e. after effects, maya).
so i end up not using environment variable for ocio and manually select the config…
hope this helps.

Hello. Thank you so much for your help. I will try it out. I am using Environment variable for Renderman actually. Then i think i should use the config manually for maya. Thank you again

yeah I get this issue in maya when using the env variable and aces 1.2 config.ocio.

The lag is because of all the rules, colorspaces etc defined in the config file I think. It slows down maya when you try to create management rules, as well as a big lag when selecting textures in the hypershade and waiting for the attributes to appear.

Remove the env variable and use mayas default and the lag is gone. Ive tried editing the config.ocio file but i must be deleting vital stuff because maya just crashes before loading fully