OCIO env variables override Maya files setting

Hello everyone,
I am a Lighting Sup in a midsize animation studio from BsAs Argentina. We are in the middle of transitioning into a full Aces pipe and questions keep arising :slight_smile:
We set OCIO environment variables with aces_1.0.3 config and everything is working fine with Nuke and RV.
In Maya I had this issue:
we need our render with ACEScg Output Transform applied but OCIO seems to override this setting and changing it by default to ACES2065-1.
It happens every time I close the program and open it again,.

Could you please point me toward how to change our config to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance for your help and patience (not super tech savy so please bear with me :wink:


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Hey Paolo

Thanks for question Sir.
OCIO is not controlling Attribute “Apply Output Transform to Render”. This is an Maya attribute that is for various reasons set to be Scene attribute , e.g will be saved with your scene and not with your User Settings. However, if your Studio Workflow is requiring baking or embedding Color Space in to final Image than you have option to use Maya Color Management Policy XML file that will be saved in to User Settings and additionally you can use Environment Variable to enforce same XML file per Shot/Scene or Show basic.


Plz check link for Policy Xml file that contain some example Maya Rules in Policy file:


P.S. “Apply Output Transform to Render’ is set not to be user setting in order to prevent users to Bake Color Space per shot and then forgetting to disable it when they in different mode that not requiring Baking transform, essentially saving rendering time since noted setting is not easy to spot and adjust. If used in scene it will be respected since is Scene setting.

Hey Nikola,
thanks a lot for your reply!
I’ll dig deeper into Maya policies, thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.