OCIO file rules Maya / Houdini

Hey all,

I’ve been working on a custom OCIO config file for our office just by editing the standard aces 1.2 config file in a text editor. Really want to utilize file_rules for Maya / Houdini but can’t seem to get either software package to register them, config file runs smoothly otherwise… Houdini console barks about not understanding “file_rules”, Maya doesn’t seem to have an error that I can see in script editor. I’ve made sure to include the default rule, checked indentations, tried multiple file types / transforms…

Has anyone had luck using the file rules with either package? Mostly interested in Houdini since Maya has its own rules interface I could utilize if this doesn’t work out.

Appreciate any breadcrumbs.


Hi Dan,

It sounds like you are trying to use features (such as file_rules) from OCIO v2. The actual OCIO 2.0.0 release is still a few weeks away and the new library won’t actually show up in the apps you mention for some time after that.

For those of you out there who are able to test the new library, either via the built-in command-line tools or via your own tools, now is the time! There is only another week or so to find and fix any remaining bugs, so any additional coverage you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Walker

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Hey Doug,

Thank you for returning a bit of my sanity on that one. Read a lot of the OCIO documentation but it never occured to me that it wasn’t implemented yet. Appreciate the clarity and look forward to seeing that feature in applications down the road.

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