OCIO, Maya and deadline in multi-platform environment

Hi there,
I’m just implementing an OCIO config for a vfx house and have come across a problem that I’m not sure quite how to resolve.

We set the OCIO environment variable to point to our OCIO config. Maya picks this up fine. Our renderfarm is Linux, our workstations are Windows. I can translate the OCIO path from windows to linux during submission, but it appears the Maya scene has the windows ocio path baked in and as a result, it errors on the farm as the linux machines aren’t translating the path to a linux path.

I’ve ensured the maya scenes are .ma to allow deadline to do its path mapping magic but it doesn’t seem to be changing the ocio path either.

This is the error Deadline is reporting on starting up Maya:
STDOUT: Error: Missing OpenColorIO configuration file: Z:/jobs/JOBNAME/config/colour/ocio/win32_config.ocio

Have any of you come across this issue in multi-platform environments?
Is there something obvious I’m missing or a possible workaround I can implement?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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