ODT candidates in OCIO 2?

Hi all, is it possible to test the ACES 2 release candidates in an OCIO 2 environment? Seems like all the provided configs are OCIO 1 only. Thanks!

OCIO 2 should load OCIO 1 Configs without any issues. Are you encountering anything specific?

I actually haven’t tried yet, but I assumed that OCIO 2 doesn’t work with the old luts-in-a-folder approach. Ideally what I’d like to do is pop the release candidates into my existing OCIO 2 config (based on the official CG one). I guess I should just test it out!

Hey it works! Just one more question: is there an sRGB version of the most recent candidate?

There is not a pre-baked OCIO sRGB version, but you could relatively easily add one to your config by duplicating the Rec.709/BT.1886 one and appending a 2.4 gamma exponent transform and an exponentWithLinear.

Thanks Nick. I read the docs and I’m still not sure the correct syntax to use. This is what I came up with but it doesn’t display correctly.

Update: I found an ExponentWithLinearTransform snippet elsewhere here and this looks right now. Can someone confirm this is indeed correct? Thanks!

from_reference: !<GroupTransform>
        - !<MatrixTransform> {matrix: [0.951951, 0.0209747, 0.0270741, 0.0, -2.54847e-05, 1.0012, -0.00117955, 0.0, 0.235717, 0.0380684, 0.726218, 0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0]}
        - !<FileTransform> {src: ACEScct_to_linear.spi1d, interpolation: linear, direction: inverse}
        - !<FileTransform> {src: ACES2_Candidates_rev034/ACES2 Candidate CAMDRT rev034 Rec709.cube, interpolation: tetrahedral}
        - !<ExponentTransform> {value: [2.4, 2.4, 2.4, 1], direction: forward}
        - !<ExponentWithLinearTransform> {gamma: 2.4, offset: 0.055, direction: inverse}