OFX Plugins

Hi to all,

I was wondering if ACES is planning to work with third party OFX vendors to implement ACES in there software. As of right now I pretty much lost the use of all my OFX plugins in Resolve.

It would be great if more people using ACES would ask for updates on their favorite plugins. This way we could hope for some changes in the near future.


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FYI. I’ve contacted the following companies:

  • Rubber Monkey for Film Convert (they’ll most likely support it for grain, but not for looks)
  • Tiffen for DFX. They’re looking into it also.
  • Digital Anarchy for Beauty Box. They’ll look into it if they more requests.


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Hi Charles

Is there any update on any third party OFX vendors? I steadily get questions from DOP’s that make luts for set with this software (in combination with Resolve) Would be nice to at least see the same transform in ACES before manually matching the Lut.

Hi Christian,

A little bit… there’s Colourlab by @dado that fully supports ACES and offers great emulations.

I have a version of film convert (never officially released) that has a linear render for grain. But doesn’t work with color transforms.

DFT came out with a ACES compatible version.

What are you looking for?


Forgot to mention I was talking about filmconvert. I have at least 3 frequent dop’s coming in with luts made with filmconvert (and with additional corrections in resolve)

When I worked in Resolve earlier I had problems (at least with projects short on time) getting a good manual match in aces, and had to revert to rec709 grading using the filmconvert plugin or applying the lut. A aces version for the filmconvert could help. Grain is less needed for me when I’m more happy with using cinegrain with a overlay

Now that I use baselight mostly I can actually use the rec709 lut in truelight “sandwich” and still use aces so that solves my problem at least for getting the colours there if I’m pressed on time.

Have you had any signals from rubbermonkey if they have aces on a future feature list?

Last I heard they had no intention of adapting it.

Did you check Colourlab?