On-set usage of ACES

Hi I’m from India,I’m a assistant cinematographer, I’m reading about the ACES and got interested in it, I genuinely believe this is the future of art preservation and easy workflow. I need to know about something, while shooting on set with different cameras with LUT boxes contains different LUTs how can I use ACES to view the same look on the monitors (only for viewing not for online grading) can anyone help me with this?
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Nirmal…thanks for your first post and welcome!
Steve Tobenkin
ACESCentral Admin!

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Hi Nirmal!

So assuming the camera is ACES compliant, but you don’t have the equipment to do a true input display transform on set, this post here should help you out. LUT's that emulate the ACES workflow. The post describes it better than I can, but essentially these LUTs fake an input display transform with a LUT.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you Colin_Huges that’s helpful