Output Transforms Architecture VWG - July 3rd, 2024

The recording and notes from meeting #159 are now available.

Regarding the discussion in the meeting about identifying from the Transform ID which transforms are the same rendering, just differently encoded, I put together some logic in Python, which works at least for the current list.

def same_rendering(idA, idB):
	aList = idA.replace('48nit', '100nit').split('_')
	bList = idB.replace('48nit', '100nit').split('_')

	return (
	       aList[:2] == bList[:2] # same limiting primaries, white point and rendering (as opposed to display) peak luminance
	       and (aList[3].split('-')[-1] == bList[3].split('-')[-1] # same encoding white point
	       or aList[3][-1] == 'E' and bList[0] == bList[3] # idA is DCDM and idB has matching encoding and limiting
	       or bList[3][-1] == 'E' and aList[0] == aList[3]) # idB is DCDM and idA has matching encoding and limiting