Partnership with European workshop

Hello ACES Team,

I’m aware this is a bit off-topic, but I think this is the most appropriate channel for lack of a better one, Forgive me if I missed something,

As a colorist, I’m collaborating with an European annual workshop on post-production by giving brief lectures on DI workflows and color space basics for producers and post supervisors.

The organisers are currently establishing partnerships with companies in the film business, so when I heard about it, I immediately thought of ACES as a perfect companion!

Now, I don’t know if this is interesting for you. Or feasible at all, since ACES is not a company per se. So before I bring this up to them, I wanted to ask here: would there be any scenario under which a partnership-like model could work out? And if so, who would be the right contact to discuss this “one on one”?


Hi Juan

Please reach out to me via email to discuss.
Thanks for your interest, look forward to talking.

Steve Tobenkin
ACES Marketing/Adoption Lead