Photogrammetry Workflow

Is my thinking correct?
I am looking at using ACES for a photogrammetry workflow and maintain maximum flexibility for VFX.

DLSR RAW > Raw Therapee> Reality Capture (output exr)

A MacBeth chart is used for reference.
An input transform is applied with a slight white balance.

Q. Would an AP0 Working Profile with an AP0 Output Profile with 16 bit tiff be best, or should I use AP1 since it will be graded eventually?

There is no colour management (that I know of) in Reality Capture so images are not mapped for application viewing.
There is a conversion of 16 bit tif to 8 bit jpg for mesh creation, however, it does not map correctly and is of little concequence at this stage.
The 16 bit tiff is used for the creation of a texture map and an exr is output.

I input the final result into DaVinci Resolve to check the result and use the color checker in the color page with a linear input with a Rec.709 target and gamma match.
It looks close to what I would expect, however, it is about 1/2 stop under exposed and the Red chip on the chart goes out of gamut.
Am I doing something obiuosly wrong, or do I need to explain further with images?
Finest kind.

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Welcome and thanks for your first post!
We have a few users that have tried ACES with AR/VR.
Looking forward to seeing what people say!