Porting the Naive DRT to HLSL


I am very interested in contributing something to the Output Transform VWG. However, seeing as I have no experience with Nuke, I figured I would port @jedsmith DRT in a language that is easier for me to play with. I first tried by just parsing the .nk files in a text editor but couldn’t really figure out what’s going so I ended up installing Nuke non-commercial but I’m afraid to say that I’m getting lost in that node graph (I’m no good with anything that has node on the box really).

Can anybody help me understand what’s going on in the Naive DRT so I can make a HLSL version?



Hey Jean

It doesn’t really exist as anything but that node graph currently, and isn’t something that’s stable enough to document in any other way currently.

I’m afraid trying to parse the nukescript directly as text would require a pretty intimate knowledge of how Nuke nodegraphs work.

I’d just keep poking around in there. It can mostly be summed up as, This thing happens, which plugs into this other thing, which then does something else, and gets combined with this other thing over here… etc

I’m actually more used to going the other way (CTL code into Nuke nodegraphs.)

Since it’s made up mostly of Expression nodes those should map pretty simply onto lines of code.