Pure Nuke ACES - With basic Parametric ODT prototype

Hey guys, I’ve moved my Pure Nuke Node implementation of the ACES RRT and ODT over to github, to make it a bit easier to update, and for other people to contribute to if they want.

The part that might be of particular interest to this group would be the rough Parametric ODT prototype I’ve been working on. It’s only really working for SDR style ODTs currently, but that can/will change.

I’ll try and get @zachlewis 's SSTS stuff rolled in at some point, but that needs a seperate RRT variation.


Yes, yes, and yes, a billion times yes. Thanks for this, Alex. As you know, your work here inspired lots of mine.

Coming across Alex’s annotated Nuke script breaking down the RRT / ODT CTL stuff was probably the single most helpful thing I’ve encountered, w.r.t. really grokking what goes on in the RRT, why and how things work the way they do. Seeing code is one thing, but being able to toggle bits of the script and digest them visually is… pretty cool, to say the least.

I’ve been working on stuff too, for the parametric OT thing that I’ll be posting to my own fork; I don’t think we’re stepping on each other’s toes in our endeavors; in any case, expect to see stuff soon, in the form of little treats that make up bigger treats.

@Thomas_Mansencal, I wanted to talk to you too. I rewrote Nuke’s colorspace node again (self-contained with Nuke-native libraries), and this time, I’m providing the ability to load Json or yaml data for chromaticities, illuminants, cone response matrices; and, if course, id like to pair that with a script to generate said data (I gusss not too dissimilar from the mmTargetColor node or whatever it was called that you guys made. Anyway, I figured if you were interested, I could submit a PR to colour_nuke, if that’s the kind of thing you’d want there?

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@alexfry @zachlewis these are awesome efforts :raised_hands:
Thanks for putting time in on this. I for one am looking forward to tinkering with these and seeing the continued enhancements.
Great stuff!

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That would be great indeed! :slight_smile:

@alexfry : Any luck with integrating Zack’s SSTS implementation?

I did, then I proceeded to not save it anywhere.
Production has geared down now, so I’ve got some extra energy to look at it.

Hey guys – sorry, I’ve been slammed lately.

Here’s a thing. I have a lot more of this implemented, and a few tiny tools to post, but I haven’t had time to get them approved or QC stuff or blahblahblah… So this is currently not much more than facade and plagiarism… but… what isn’t these days, right?

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