Purple Fringing in Spiderman

In Pomfort’s interview about the live grading of Spiderman Homecoming, the DIT, Francesco Sauta, said they were having trouble with purple fringing in highlights in high contrast areas because of ACES. Is this a common problem with ACES? He says they were able to mitigate it somewhat by using curves, but I’d like to know more about how to avoid this problem.

I believe that the issue Francesco Sauta was having on-set is the same that have been posted here: Colour artefacts or breakup using ACES
The temporary solution is the same one offered by Scott Ryder using CTL, DCTL or the LUT he created to address the issue.
We can find the download links to the files somewhere in the same thread linked above.

The article didn’t say if the solution was applied through LiveGrade on-set or Davinci Resolve.
Since LiveGrade doesn’t support CTL file format, the LUT created by Scott can be used instead.

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That does sound very similar, thanks for the link. Interesting that Francesco said they fixed it with curves and LUTs. Maybe that was just a simplified explanation than CTL for the layperson reading this article.