Question on using dci-p3 color space on monitors


Recently we have bought some new monitors which are capable to display dci-p3 color space. We are planning to switch our viewing transform from srgbACES to P3-DCI(or something which we can benefit from our new monitors) in Nuke. May I know what white point and gamma should we set for the monitors in order to have a correct setting for p3-dci viewing transform?

I am quite new to ACES so please correct me if I have any mistakes.

Thanks a lot!!

You monitor should take care of that automatically. What kind of monitor are you using? Eizo?

Or, do you mean which ODT you should use?


Thanks for the reply Charles.

We are using Eizo CG series and want to do a calibration before use. The gentleman who help us calibrate monitors wants to know what white point and gamma should he set for us. So I want to know the actual settings for the P3-DCI (ACES) ODT.

Also I had read through some post talking about P3-DCI (ACES) ODT got a diffrent white point then the standard DCI white point. (maybe I’m wrong)


ACES internally uses a D60 (actually not exactly, but effectively it is) white and the P3-DCI ODT is designed to create that white from equal ACES values on a display calibrated to DCI white. It produces unequal P3 RGB values for neutral ACES colours in order to do this. This is referred to as “D60 sim” in some ODTs prior to ACES 1.1, and in all ODTs which do so as of ACES 1.1.

You do not calibrate differently for ACES; you calibrate to the standard. So the P3-DCI (D60 sim) ODT is intended to be viewed on a display with P3 primaries, DCI white and 2.6 gamma EOTF, viewed in a dark environment.

If you wish to use D65 white, you can calibrate your projector to D65, and then use the P3-D65 ODT in ACES 1.1.