Ready-to-use downloads of ACES OCIO configs?

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Hi there!

Just wanted to know and/or suggest why there is no section with downloads of ‘ready to work’ versions of the ACES OCIO configs? Wouldn’t it be good to have them here as well, prebuilt for everyone to download and just start using?

And it would be very nice if there would be an easy prebuilt download for at least every “master” version of ACES. At the moment, this according to this page is 1.0.3, right? But the most actual prebuilt version of the ACES OCIO config I could find is 1.0.2:

Wouldn’t it be good to have a prebuilt version available shortly after the release of a new master version, so all the not-so-technical guys wouldn’t have to built them from the sources? Not everyone has the knowledge to do that I think.


Hi Abraham,

If I remember correctly what HPD told me, the only reason the built config is not version control anymore is because of its size which is getting problematic if hosted on Github as it makes the repo substantially big. I do agree though that there should be built versions available hosted somewhere, probably on the Academy - ACES website.




The ACES 1.0.3 OCIO config is in progress. It will be uploaded to my github repo when ready. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a few minor things that were dependent on the release being finalized.


Hello again,

The ACES 1.0.3 Python code has been updated and the config.ocio and LUTs were generated this morning. They can be found here:

The highlights of the new release are:

  • An sRGB D65 ODT
  • The ACEScct colorspace
  • Better organization of colorspaces, for applications like Nuke
  • Updates to IDTs from ARRI, Canon and Red.

Please take a look at the config and let me know if you see any issues. If all seems good, I’ll submit a pull request to move this into the main Imageworks OCIO config repository.

One note: The role assignments have not changed considerably. If we want to make that happen, now is the time.


Thanks HP,
this is really useful stuff.

isn’t the real repository for the configs?

But do you have any idea on how can i download this files on my machine ?

Hello @giloz,

Let me know if it works for you,

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Hi @giloz,

Note that, as implied by @ChrisBrejon link, the officially maintained config is on the colour-science reposity, not the ImageWorks or hpd one:

Reasons as to why are complicated but this is where you can fins the latest.