Reds in shadows going crazy on RED footage ACES workflow

I’m grading a feature shot on RED (don’t know the exact model)
Since its shot on multiple camera I am working in ACES .
Using the ACES workflow generates hell lot of red color noise in the shadows and also the saturation is out of charts on the vector scope ,the footage looks good with RED Lut in DaVinci YRGB ,tried the D.E.B in the legacy mode but that also doesn’t solves the issue completely .
The oversaturation and clipping can be seen especially in the lips
Below are the samples -

Please help me folks ,it’s driving me crazy!!!

The CNR in IPP2 works better than DEB. Please send me a R3D snapshot and I can take a look.


The thing is I only have a prores 444 render from the client side ,but its rendered in IPP2 /Log3g10

I can only really work off the R3D for debugging any Red issue.