Release candidate for the Common LUT Format Implementation Guide and deliverables

Dear ACES community,

As the chair of the Common LUT Format (CLF) implementation working group, I’m pleased to announce that the group has finished creating our deliverables. I’d like to now ask you for your help in reviewing our work.

The deliverables that we have created are as follows:

  1. A collection of test CLF files
  2. A set of processed reference images obtained by processing a target image through those CLFs
  3. A CLF Implementation Guide (a companion document to the spec released with ACES 1.2)

The test CLFs and reference images are available via the URLs in the Implementation Guide. The URL for the Guide itself is here:

You may either post comments in the Guide itself (it’s a Google Doc, for now) or here on ACESCentral. (Substantive discussions are best had here, in order to keep a record of the decision-making process.)

I’d like to thank Scott, Josh, Nick, Chris, Lars, Patrick, JZ, Alex (both Forsythe and Fry!) and the other participants in the CLF working group for putting so much thought and effort into the production of these deliverables.

I believe the next meeting of the ACES Implementation Technical Advisory Council is on November 18th, so any feedback before that meeting would be especially appreciated as we will be discussing the timetable for advancing this release candidate into an officially released document and test suite.

We thank you in advance for your review and look forward to hearing your comments.

Doug Walker
Common LUT Format Implementation virtual working group chairperson


Thank you Doug and Team for all of the work you have done over the last 18 months - even during a pandemic! We really appreciate all of your time towards seeing this through. Now, let’s get CLF implemented in the industry!


Just a reminder that we are looking for review and comment on these deliverables from the Common LUT Format Implementation Virtual Working Group.

Please submit any comments by January 14, 2022, so we can address any notes and publish the final documents.