REQUEST - S-Log 2/3 ETTR Transforms (+1 and +2 stops)

Hi there!

I’m excited to have found this community as I am a cinematographer and colorist and I have enjoyed using an ACES workflow in Resolve on my last several projects. Using ACES I am able to get to my desired look much faster than in the past and having the input transform enabled for all of my S-Log 2 footage makes editing with it much more pleasant.

However, there is one thing that I think could be added to make life even easier.

With S-Log 2 (and presumably 1 and 3, I only have 2 on my cameras) it is a very common practice to expose to the right. I (and many others) regularly overexpose by 1 or 2 stops. This helps eliminate noise after grading and utilizes the codec more efficiently by pushing your image into the highlights which better utilizes the available bit depth (I probably butchered that explanation but the technical people here should understand what I mean.)

In an upcoming version of ACES could you please add options for overexposed S-Log?

I would love to have input transforms for S-Log 2 (+1) and S-Log 2 (+2) alongside the existing input transforms. This would make it so once my input and output transforms are set correctly then I can preview my footage with the correct exposure. Right now I don’t get to see the proper exposure until I bring clips onto a timeline with a corrector node to bring down the whole timeline.

Thanks in advance!