Required attributes for ASC CDL in the CLF spec

As mentioned at the last working group meeting, the current CLF spec is contradictory regarding the “style” attribute of the ASC CDL process node.

Figure 2 on pg. 10 indicates that it is required, as does the XML Schema on pg 33. However the text on page 26 says that it is optional and the default is “Fwd”. So we need to decide which is correct and update the spec accordingly.

My opinion on this is that the attribute should be required. This would keep ASC CDL in line with the similar Exponent and Log process nodes. Also, this would be more consistent with the earlier version of the spec from 2014. Furthermore, there is no compelling reason why a default is needed, it just adds potential confusion.

Therefore, I propose that we decide that Figure 2 and the XML Schema are correct (and would remain unchanged) and I propose making the following corrections: on pg. 25 change the word next to style from “optional” to “required”. On pg. 26, remove the sentence: “This is the default value for style.”

Any objections?

Doug Walker
CLF Implementation VWG chair

Thanks, @doug_walker . As discussed on today’s VWG call, I have updated the document to make the style required. As always, the document links point to the most current version of the documentation and the modified date will now say May 19, 2020.