Resolve 15, ACES 1.1 P3-DCI ODT IS GONE

Hello, I’m grading in DCI theater DP4K-P projector. And I assume is calibretade to P3- DCI color space … But now in resolve 15 o either 16. P3-DCI ODT is no longer available. I’m not sure which ODT should apply to get good results in these environment because if I’m no wrong, P3-DCI WP might be D63. I will appreciate any guidance regarding these issue. I’m also concerned about creating a good transform for DCP creation on Dolby Cineasset.

The P3 DCI ODT is present in both Resolve 15 and 16.

You are perhaps confused by the fact that is is called “P3-DCI (D60 sim)”. The P3-DCI ODT always included a D60 sim, but earlier ACES versions did not make this explicit in the name. ACES has never had the option of a P3 ODT with DCI white.

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Hi Alexis! If you are using XYZ encoding, you must use DCDM ODT, which has a DCI whitepoint inside. Also you have another ODT with DCDM P3D65 limited and D60 too.

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Hi all, so I just want to confirm what Nick said, that there is NO ODT that will work correctly with a DCI-P3 calibrated projector with DCI white (x=0.314,y= 0.351). Correct?

So to grade in ACES on a theatrical project, the projector should be calibrated to either P3D65 or P3D60?

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Depends what you are expecting to be “correct”. There is no ODT which will produce DCI white from equal ACES values. That is true, and is by design. The two P3 DCI ODTs will produce either D60 or D65 from equal ACES values, according to the “sim” in the name.

You can also read the ODT descriptions from the aces-dev repository for more details.

For instance, the P3DCI_D60Sim state the transform is targeting a projector calibrated to the P3DCI whitepoint while assuming a D60(ish) observer adaptation whitepoint.