Resolve 16.1 + ACES V1.1 ACEScg ODT issue when import back

Currently running Resolve 16.1 and running an project shot on Arri Alexa Camera and setup my grading system Resolve in ACES V1.1 Color Managed.

When I setup my ODT to ACEScg and render out EXR files for VFX and when I try reimport the EXR in the same project I see an difference in Camera Raw and ACEScg EXRs with Highlights clipped in later.

May I know what am I missing?

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I cannot replicate that. I am running Resolve 16.1 ( – release version) under macOS 10.13.6, and I see a perfect match between exported ACEScg EXRs and original ARRIRAW. No highlight clipping.

Attached Screenshot the images RAW and ACEScg…RAW -


Hi G Balaji,

Did you set an IDT for the ACEScg EXR image sequence that you re-imported into the same project? I presume that project is set to no IDT for the ARRI raw files? Otherwise, what are the export settings of your EXR?


I set the IDT as ACEScg for exr I re-imported.

Arri Raw Files Resolve take it automatically and doesnt allow you set IDT. For export of EXR I set project odt as ACEScg.