Resolve IDTs

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Hi to all,

I was curious to know where some of the IDTs in Resolve come from. For example, the RED IDTs are technically not available except in RedCine. Did Red and BMD share this info?

Same goes from the BMPCC IDTs. Available only in Resolve.

I’m asking because I’ve been creating LUTs with the different CTLs for onset applications.


I don’t know where the Resolve IDTs came from, but the necessary information to build the RED IDTs (and all the others) is in the OCIO Python code. Look at here. You could write RED IDTs in CTL with the information there. The matrices provided give results which perfectly match RED SDK ACES output. They are accurate, not reverse engineered approximations like some floating around on the net.

Blackmagic camera IDTs are exclusive to Resolve because the details are not published anywhere. Only Blackmagic have that information.