Resolve Kodak Film Look LUTs can use in ACEScc?

i’m assistant colorist i have a question about grading in color science aces
colorist use the resolve kodak 2383 709 lut by reduce contrast and key output gain
contrast and key output gain set 0.5 from 1.0

this grading for thailand series will on netflix soon
hdr is not widely in thailand
use the film lut it affect for remastering hdr in the future?

footage red raw 6k
davinci resolve 15 acescc 1.0.3 odt 709
grading monitor fsi dm240 rec709.

As far as I understand, there is lots of reason to not use the kodak film lut.

-That Lut is not expecting ACES.

-It will clamp the dinamic range specially on HDR.

Maybe the more techie fellows can give you more reasons.