Resolve Live + ACES [Cannot set IDT]

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Hey everyone!

I managed to get Resolve Live to show the input from a PC/Console.
The problem I’m facing right now is that no matter what I do, I cannot set the IDT to the feed that’s coming into Live.

Here’s a screenshot of what’s currently going on:

As you can see, the feed is treated as if it is in ACES color space (which I assume is (ACES2065-1 AP0), but even if I change the Input Transform to my project in the color management the Live Input won’t take it. I tried to apply an ACES Color Transform to go from ACES to sRGB but it I’m failing to see which other transform may be needed in order to display it correctly.

Here’s another screenshot where I imported an image and applied the IDT and it displays correctly in Resolve with that same configuration:

Hope someone can shed some light into this. Cheers!

  • If you are curious as to why this setup has to be like this, the game capture is meant to be rendered in ACEScc so that we can grade it in Resolve, a resulting LUT will be exported to be used in our engine’s graphic pipeline. So it is crucial to have the game running and having a Resolve Live grading session in parallel.

Alright I figured what was going and what colors I was looking at from the Resolve Live feed.

Turns out that Resolve Live will be converting the input from the camera into ACEScct (or ACEScc, whatever the project is set to).

After that I need to apply an ACES Transform to tell resolve that the input is actually sRGB and then transform it into ACEScct and then the out would look fine.

Though if I save a snapshot, the DPX will be already in ACEScc so if I want to previsualize it I’ll need to turn off that conversion.

I think that whenever there’s more things settled I will start a proper thread on the Realtime/Videogames section because all these tests even though they’re on the Mastering workflow will ultimately serve for a ACES in a game engine pipeline.


Hi Omar,

you could/should consider rolling your own ACES pipeline in Resolve for a more flexible and granular workflow. I’d recommend the excellent YT vids by @cullenkelly:

Good luck and cheers!

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Thanks Andy! Will definitely check it out!
I know these kind of approaches/examples may look very weird and overcomplicated, but the purpose of this is to use ACES color management inside a game engine (via OCIO), Resolve will only serve to bake LUTs and have that color grading applied to the game output in real time.