SDR Review of footage that will be finished in Dolby Vision

We are working on a couple HDR animated features. We have implemented a ACES pipeline which allows the comp artists to work using a sRGB ouput transform in Nuke. The shots are then rendered as ACEScg and brought into Resolve. In Resolve we color correct in HDR and then do a SDR trim pass.

The current issue is that the sRGB output transform doesn’t look anything like the Dolby Vision SDR output. All our client reviews are based on the sRGB output transform, which are not going to look like the final output.

My thoughts to solve this is for the artist to use a [rec709 - ST.2084(PQ) - 100nits] display transform so they can better see how the final is going to look. We would also bake this transform in the the review MOV files so the client can better understand how things will look.

Does anyone know if this transform exist, or if it is even possible to create a output transform like list?
Would a custom transform like this be hard to create?

I understand that there is Max/Min analyzing that is done by Dolby Vision to hit certain target nit levels, but there must be a way to use the PQ curve in the ACES transform.

Any thought on this problem would be great!