Sept 2022 Output Transform Candidates

Hello all,

Brought the newest Output Transforms into my rather large testing bed.
Firstly, good improvements and yes I filled out the survey.

My quick thoughts. B and C certainly will provide a pleasing image on some source material, but will cause issues when examining their saturation in skin tones, mid tones, as well up to highlights and higher gamut colors.

A seems to be a good overall solution. I’d say there’s a chance to look at both A and B closer and perhaps finding the best of both worlds, but I’m leaning towards A after looking at a few hundred images as a candidate.

Below is one particular image that is well exposed, but certainly provides a difficult situation. The car is indeed red. A is the “most right”. B isn’t shabby, but a bit loud. C isn’t in the same playing field.


This is a super interesting image.

Is there any way you can provide more detail on the source, and perhaps provide the original frame?
I think it’s worth exploring where exactly the orange shifts are being introduced.

What was the camera? What’s the camera encoding? How was the image converted to ACES? What system was used for grading?

Thanks for exploring this!

This can be seen a bit also in some of the images from the ACES test shoot, like these red candles, though it’s not going as orange.

Candidate C:

Candidate A:

Candidate C:

Candidate A:

I don’t think Candidate A rendering is accurate either but it’s closer to how I’ve seen these candles.

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Understood. Just want to see if we can track down exactly where any shifts might be introduced.