Setting NUKE project in ACES

I´m new in ACES and i want to set the workflow for a new project.
But after been reading a lot of articles and tutorials, some things are a little bit confusing
This is my workflow:
The Original footages came from SONY VENICE in Raw.
I export to NUKE in EXR (16bits half) trough DAVINCI RESOLVE (Project Settings: ACES CCT - NO IDT - NO ODT).
But when i import into NUKE i don´t know how to define wich setting is the correct for VFX and COMPOSITING.
In the NUKE Project Settings wich WORKING SPACE i must to select? ACES2065-1, ACESCC, ACESCCT or ACESCG?
I guess is ACES2065-1, and in the read node of the footages is the same.
It is correct?

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ACES 2065-1 (AP0 Linear) is for export and import only. This is a color encoding for exchange. Of course you can also use it as your working space, but ACEScg (AP1 Linear) was made to be a working space. It is more similar to sRGB primaries visually and it’s more convenient to work with because of that. And also probably some algorithms give more pleasing results with AP1 primaries. I’ve read about lighting calculation in ACEScg in render engines, as an example.

And using ACEScct or ACEScc for compositing seems to be a bad idea, because they are logarithmic encodings. And most (not all) compositing operations work best in some linear space.

You can read more here. This is really a bible (with tons of nice pictures) for VFX and thanks a million to @ChrisBrejon for making this!

Thanks a lot!!! I knew it was between ACES 2065 and ACESCG, but i saw differents tutorial using one or another, and thats make confuse me. Thanks a lot again!!!