Setting up Correct Lighting with ACES, Vray and Maya

Hi all! I have a quick question about the correct way of getting the correct intensity of the lights/ HDRI’s in my scene. I have looked around and discovered that often some sort of albedo chart or mid-grey sphere will be used to determine if the values are correct but I’m unsure if I am doing it correctly.
In Vray there is a pixel information option and I think it displays the luminance value? Am I looking at the right number? I believe I have some clamping going on and with the rolloff of OCIO the corrected value is different…
Here is a picture of what I’m looking at

Since my value is higher than the “correct value” does that mean it’s over exposed? Is this the correct workflow for checking if my textures/ lights are correct? Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @skyrwaters,

Yeah it looks like this a wee bit overexposed, nothing to worry about though because as soon as you move the camera or the lighting orientation this value will change.